Knowledge Management

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I appreciated the response Birgit has recently made.  As I contemplated the
issue and my quick read of the collected responses, I had a potentially
unrelated thought.

Two concerns with "Knowledge Management."  First, the impression that
knowledge exists separate from individuals - that a group or organization
can "collect" the knowledge and use the collected knowledge for a strategic
end.  Isn't the "knowledge" also relational - both to the individual that
"knows" and "known" in a relational context?

Second, and more relevant to OST, are you suggesting that the "knowledge"
can be separated from the "spirit" that is in relationship with the
knowledge.  This is what Opened Space makes available - the awareness of
spirit and the empowerment of individual spirits related to their passion
around a task or topic.  Can Open Space around knowledge capture that
knowledge from the spirit or essence which holds it?

I may be off in the wrong direction.  I look forward to your responses to
this and other posts.

Live Well, Think BIG,


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