Strategic Planning in Open Space: Thanks

Murli rismurli at
Fri Oct 29 07:36:59 PDT 1999

Dear Friends

Thanks to all those who provided their valuable insights on organisational
planning in open space. I appreciate them greatly. I'm working with 12
differnet interlinked client groups and all that I have approached have
agreed to planning in OS. The group as a whole of 12+ organisations have
agreed to a 2 day open space! - in fact I think they understand the
principles better than I do! I will let you know how it goes.

I have learnt from going through this that it's not really about me working
out how to utilise OS for strategic planning - that will happen once the
space is open, but rather it's about confronting my fears of selling open
space to my suspicious and at times cynical clients and getting better and
doing so each time. It seems in open space my facilitation skills are neeed
less and less and my selling (and of course very presence) are needed more
and more.



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