Open Space A to Z Winner!

ralphsc ralphsc at
Mon Oct 25 04:57:26 PDT 1999

Dear All,

The winninng Open Space A to Z poem is No. 13, shown below.  The winning
poet is CHRIS CORRIGAN of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  His poem, "Holding the
Space," received three times as many votes as the second place finisher.

For good measure, here's his entry one more time.


A brilliantly choreographed dance emerges.
Faces glow happily.
I'm just keeping low, minding nothing,
observing people, quietly ruminating,
studying things,
until various worldly x-periences yield zonally

Congratulations, Chris!!  Way to yield zonally!

And just for good measure, here's another little poem that was submitted.
 It didn't make the ballot because it doesn't even come close to "A to
Z."  But I like it.  It's by Don Feretti, also of Canada.

     The circle is intimidating
     at first
     but soon becomes
     my secret friend.
     Beckoning me back
     to more heart felt times
     calling me to Be
     who I really am.

Thanks to all who entered for stirring our hearts and delighting our
literary wits.

If you also want a copy of John Adams' excellent new book, "Thinking
Today As If Tommorow Mattered," it's available from me (and not from
stores) for US$17.95 including shipping and handling.  Make out a check
to me, Ralph Copleman, and send it to:

Ralph Copleman
44 Titus Avenue
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 USA

Chris, your copy is on its way.

Now, everybody go out and write a poem.

Ralph Copleman

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