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Wed Oct 20 11:22:36 PDT 1999

As those of you who attended OSONOS VII will know, it is my hope and
expectation that my final book for Berrett-Koehler, currently titled, "The
Spirit of Organizations," will make an appearance sometime in the Spring/summer
of 2000. It is the conclusion of what I might call the Open Space Quartet, and
deals with all the stuff my training program has covered in the last few years
ie self-organizing systems, transformation in organizations and some (I hope)
practical discussion of what we might be doing now.

The last time we "launched" a book -- it turned into a sort of global party. I
am not much for book signings, but if we could add value too peoples lives and
have some fun, that was fine by me. And I think we did all of the above. If any
of you would care to be a host/hostess for such an event, please let me know
(by private email <owen at>) Nothing complicated. You find a place, invite
the people, and we talk about and experience Open Space. Oh yes, there will be
some books about. This is a completely no budget operation which means that you
would have to charge something minimal to cover costs which would include my
transportation and care and feeding. Once I have a list of interested folks, I
will string it all together in a way that makes sense travel and cost wise. So
if interested, let me know.

Last time we opened in London at a neat place found by Romy. To make things
even more interesting this happened to be the evening before Diana's funeral.
Some folks were betting that nobody would come. In fact, some 75 people showed
up for an incredible evening which started at 5pm, and at 10:30 we had to
invite them to go home as the venue was closing.

Currently it looks like non-US stops will take place in October (probably
including Australia, India, and Europe with  one stop being Berlin and OSONOS
VIII. US/Canada stops (currently including Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and
Toronto) make the most sense in November.

So if the idea appeals, let me know. Start your own party or join one already
in the works.


Harrison Owen
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