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Wed Oct 20 08:08:20 PDT 1999

Dear open space-friends,

now I am back in Berlin from my first three week-yourney in the US
with my colleque and open space-trainingspartner Michael M Pannwitz.
It was a great learning-expierence on many lefels and in many different
commuinity, new friends, learning, exchange, nature, dolphins, humor,
music, silence, stories, values, networking, visions and good food.

First of all Chicago, here we took part at the osonos.
Now I love Chicago! I hope I will have the opportunity to come back.
And I enjoyed very much to meet Sheila T. Isakson (and her children)
and Michael Herman, other known colleques and new friends and also
to see Harrison again!
I was so far away from home, but the whole time I felt like being home.
And it was a big pleasure for me sharing the hotel-room with michelle
and kathleen. They supported me very much in getting more courage to
english and to make mistakes and we also have had very much fun!

For me one of the biggest highlists was, that the next osonos will be in

Berlin in the time of  20. - 23. October 2000!! The world wide open
community is moving around the world - great!

Than we flew to California, visited old friends of Michael in San
and San Diego; also very friendly people! CA is a wonderful country -
except the earthquakes. Thanks god, that we left San Diego a few days
before the earthquake happenend in the desert near by San Diego.

Than we flew to North Carolina and took part in Birgit Boltond open
There we met participants from the osonos again (Kathleen, Rochelle,
Albert and Ward).
That was wonderful! Together with two "new" men (Robert and Marc) we
were a good group
with much knowlegde and humor! And I appreciate very much Birgit Bolton
as a
excellent open space-trainer! I have learned very much. And I like
her way how she works with open space. In my eyes she is a very
professional process-
consultant with a big heart and with hugh responsibility for her
participants and for
her costumers. To feel connected with such kongruent colleques is a hugh
Thank you Birgit - also for your housing-arrangements at Shandras

And also thank you Michael , for your suggestion to come to the US!!!
This three weeks with you was not one minute boring - it was the
I am looking forward for our open space-trainings and
our "Kollegiale Beratungsgruppe" and I am very excited what the future
will bring.

Warmly regards to all of you and I hope we will see or meet us next year
in Berlin!
Gabriela Ender

Gabriela Ender
Institut fuer systemische Kommunikation (insyko)
Resselsteig 30, D- 12209 Berlin
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