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Greetings folks,

The time is getting near for

Growing Our Now*
A Journey in Open Space
Beyond Our Times

November 15-18

A full invitation is available here -

What's it all about?

The Millennium is a joke. Indeed the truly funny part is that we in the
West take it so seriously. In fact, we (in the West) can't even get the
story right. January 1, 2000 does not initiate the Millennium. That
actually takes place a year later. So why all the fuss? What's the point?
The point may well be that once again we are shooting ourselves in the foot
- confusing OUR time with THE Time. Could it not be that OUR time is but
one further example of our need for control and a pathetic reminder that we
don't have it and cannot gain it?
Our time. Our space. My time. My space. Things we struggle for, and
sometimes die for. But at the end of the day, do we really own any of it?
Perhaps it just a figment of our imagination, powerful to be sure, and
occasionally useful? But a figment for all of that.
What we truly have - all of us in every part of the planet and all beings
in the cosmos beyond - is Now. Time and Space divide. Now unites. Nobody
owns it, and truthfully, Now is all there is. We are quite clear that the
past is over and the future hasn't happened yet. What we have is Now. And
how big is now? Your Now, My Now. Our Now?
Some of us, and probably most of us some of the time, have very skinny
little nows. We struggle constantly to fit everything in. And the more we
struggle the smaller now becomes. Things just don't fit, and Time
Management is a exercise in futility.
Simplifying our lives is certainly a possibility. If only we could
eliminate all those "must dos" - and truthfully, how many of them are
really essential?
There is an alternative. Why not grow Now?
Barry and I invite you to join us, along with friends and colleagues who
may become friends, to explore the possibilities, and maybe even realize
some results - a growing Now. There is no magic formula, nor secret path.
It is really all about becoming what we already are. Creatures in the now
(and here) limited only by our willingness to expand our awareness.
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