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So far, eleven different people have entered the "Open Space A to Z
Poetry Contest."  I think there are actually thirteen different poems

I will close off the entry period one week from today, at the end of the
day, Friday, October 15.  Then I'll put all of them up here again, and
people can vote on the winner.

Anyone can sumbit entries, including folks who have already made
submissions.  The quality has been outstanding!

Don't forget, you can also do it "Z to A".  Here's one that uses images
of boats and treats opens pace as a journey on waters...

Zip your xebecs westerly,
Veer ultimately toward soothing rivers,
Quiver, pulse over nestling mountain lakes,
Kayak-jumble in heedless, generous froth,
Enter drifts,
Catch brooks,

(Actually, it's rather suggestive of somnething else, isn't it...?  Makes
me wonder what I'm actually doing when I'm in open space!)

A xebec is a small three-masted sailing vessel common to the


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