Attachments, viruses, and lists

Michael Herman mherman at
Thu Oct 7 23:26:47 PDT 1999

Murli wrote:

> <snip> would be wise not to send attachments to a list,
> given the potential to proliferate a virus.  It would be better to store
> the file on a webserver, and have people download as needed.  Since there
> are many folks on this list with websites, someone could volunteer to
> archive (and catalog) such documents as might be of interest to LISTies

actually, we have the technology on the new website to allow anyone to post
anything to the new bulletin board forums and then paste the links into their
messages.  if we need to we can create a whole new forum dedicated to such
would-be attachments.  what we have can be used by all with NO delay or need
to involve others.  if you get there and run into trouble, please send an
email and i/we will help you over any initial hurdles.   michael

> .
> Murli


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