Electronically linked open spaces

koos de heer koosdhr at auryn.nl
Sun May 2 13:13:20 PDT 1999

Hi folks,

My electronic Open Space is up and running again,
in an all (well, almost all ;-) English version.
There are a few minor issues to be resolved - it
all works like it should, but there are a few
graphics that I have to redo.
I decided that I would launch the thing and do
the last bit of cosmetics on the fly.

If you like the Auryn frame around the forum and
don't mind the space that it takes up, you can
go to: http://www.auryn.nl/forum.

If you want the forum to fill your entire screen,
use http://www.auryn.nl/cgi-bin/auryn/Ultimate.cgi.

After you've started with the first link, clicking
on the word "forum" in the upper right hand corner
brings you to the second version without the frame.
It is the same forum, so there is no difference as
to content or possibilities.

I hope you'll find it useful and please let me know
what you think of it.  As with any open space, it
doesn't work until people are coming and taking
part. I do realise this is not a very good invitation
according to the book, since there is no pressing
theme for the conference.  Well, I might think of
one. When I do I'll let you know.  And of course
anyone coming up with a good theme is welcome to
post it.

Have fun with it.

koos de heer
auryn management advies
utrecht, netherlands
mailto:koosdhr at auryn.nl

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