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Thank you Koos . . . Wish I were there :-(

I look forward to future up-dates.

Barry Owen

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> Hi All,
> Thought I'd let you know how we are doing here at
> Cannon Beach. Just my impressions of course...
> Before driving down to Cannon Beach on Monday, I
> had lunch with Rhodes Hileman and Karen du Four
> des Champs in Seattle as a result of the RFI that
> I posted on the 22nd. It was too short but I
> enjoyed meeting two of the real people behind
> this list server.  Here at OT17, there are many
> more of course, lurkers as wel as regular posters
> like Birgitt, Jeff, Harrison and Michelle. Great
> to meet those folks.
> On Tuesday evening, we had an informal gathering
> to see who was there and get to know each other
> a little bit. When I got there (just across the
> street from my hotel) I found a room without
> any furniture and some 60 people sitting on the
> floor along the walls, chatting lively. At the
> doorstep I found Harrison, who invited me to
> come in, go up to somebody I did not know and
> start talking to them.  Now that was not too
> difficult since I did not know anybody there,
> but I did feel a bit awkward just walking up
> to someone. Probably my Dutch nature, having
> been born in Friesland, in the somewhat
> stubborn northern part of the country. After
> a second encouragement from Harrison to plunge
> in I did so anyway and found that I had landed
> among a very friendly and easy-going crowd.
> The meeting was over too soon - all of a sudden
> people started to leave and it was over.
> The next day at 9:00 was the real opening of
> the space by Harrison and then the marketplace
> started. There was a lot of enthusiasm and a
> great variety of subjects was posted. I decided
> to post one myself on "melting the technician".
> In my work with computer companies I often find
> it hard to convince the technical people that
> there is more to work than just the half-brain
> mathematical side of things.
> I had a hard time choosing which sessions to attend.
> I picked one on the dillemma between "whatever
> happens is the only thing..." versus "creating
> opportunities"  and one on Sexuality, Spirit and
> Transformation.  These two and my own session were
> all three very worthwile, though very different.
> The discussions in the other groups were very
> lively, it seems most people were having a good
> time. One group had to move to another location
> because the group at the other end of the deck
> made so much noise...
> After the evening news, in which a german woman
> gave a beautiful drumming concert on an equally
> beautiful drum, I had a beer at a nearby bar with
> a group of around 10 people and later on had
> dinner at the house of one of the participants
> with another group. Both groups consisted mainly
> of women - I wondered where the men were hanging
> out...
> Today (it is 8:50 AM on Thursday now) I have only
> signed up for one session. The weather is not as
> nice as I had hoped, so I can't to to the beach
> or go inline skating. So I might be bumblebeeing
> today. I'll let you know.
> To be continued...
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