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Scott Stillinger Stillinger at
Wed Jul 7 18:58:33 PDT 1999

I have a client in the Hospitality Industry (Hotel) in Northern California
with an executive team for which I have agreed to work. At lunch today the
topic of a team meeting came up. Once a year they get all of the employees
together and talk about what they are going to do for the rest of the year to
make improvements, meet budget and get results, etc. The thought occurred to
me that it might be a good opportunity for an Open Space. I have a very good
relationship with the number 2 person at the property level, however, he
would need to sell the idea to his boss who seems pretty open minded.

My questions to the group are:

1)      Has anybody done an OS for a hotel?
2)      What's the least amount of time that would be required?
3)      What percentage of the hotel employees is it feasible to have
participate     given the fact that the hotel has to continue to run as a

I know everybody is busy, so I appreciate in advance any input.

Best to all,

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