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Jeff Aitken jeffa at
Thu Feb 25 10:00:04 PST 1999

>From:    CRAIG LaFargue <CLF2 at>
>Subject: Re: OSLIST Digest - 19 Feb 1999 to 20 Feb 1999
>I do have some concerns, but first I'd like to know a bit more about the
>objectives for the conference and for the OS session.

Thanks Craig, Harrison, Leon, Michael, Larry.

Thanks for commenting on "the law" not really being revoked. I think I can
tell people that the PRESENTERS for the coming two days may not know about
the law, so be mindful about its use! Essentially I want clarity that "it's
over" at the end of the day.

Craig: This is an annual conference, with an educational program and plenty
of dining and recreation opportunities. The focus of the open space is: the
issues and opportunities facing the industry as we approach year 2000. The
objective is to "get out of the box" with regard to the form and the
content of the educational program.


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