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<<A software package that can read and convert almost any
file format around is Keyview: http://www.keyview.com.
I find this a very useful tool for viewing and converting
all sorts of binary files. It is only available for
Windows 95 and up, I don't know of a similar Mac or 3.1

Sorry to jump in late. I'm a Mac user. And I just recently bought the
MacLinkPlus 10.0. By DataViz. I don't know their email address or the
telephone number, and the user guide is in my hand. someone in the group
should call their marketing department. But for Macs, I find it a great tool
for the same: viewing, converting, etc. It's current through parts of Windows
98 and sends you the updates when they get them.

Scott Stillinger

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A plea for help from the OS community.

I am looking for stories where OS has been used successfully in the
introduction of proactive strategies to deliver local crime
prevention/reduction through a community partnership approach. These
would be strategies that included the widest variety of social agencies.

Thanks in anticipation


terry.gibson at virgin.net

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