OST Video

Steve Brigham sbrigham at kcg.com
Wed Feb 3 12:55:04 PST 1999

Thanks to all who responded to my query about examples in higher education.
I'm still trying to track a few things down. The web site at
www.openspacetechnology.com was very helpful.

While at that site, I saw an ad for two videos: 1) USWest and 2) Learning
in OS. I'm not clear, though, how to contact the Open Space Institute of
US, and how to order it. There was only an address listed but I'm assuming
I can contact by email as well.

Does anyone know how long the Learning video is? And, does anyone know what
the themes of the events it featured (India & West Virginia)? I'm trying to
decide which video will be most relevant to the higher education audience
I'll be working with.

Thanks in advance!

STeve Brigham

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