Open Space facilitators and process input

Larry Peterson lpasoc at
Sat Feb 27 06:37:42 PST 1999

Alan and all:

I much prefer to give input on process skills or approaches before or after
Opening the Space. Then the group can decide how it will make use of it as
it self-organizes. To given input on group process during an Open Space, be
it in words or materials, re-asserts the "expert" role of the facilitator.
Yes it is expertise about process, but that still interferes with the
self-organizing responsibility of the group which is both about content and
process. Even in evening news, the role, as I see it, is to get the group to
continue to take ownership for both process and content not to provide
input.  It is the "input" that concerns me as it re-enforces the
facilitators power role rather than holding the space. I would give the
input before or after the open space. I have often done this in events where
particular information or skills are needed--given input. However, it is the
day or evening before not during.


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