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BJ Peters bjpeters at
Wed Dec 22 15:00:45 PST 1999

Peg Holman wrote:

> Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and ideas on this work.  Several
> of you asked to be kept informed as we proceed.  So here's a little
> more about the project, where we are and responses to some of your
> comments.  The responses have gotten long; my apologies for that.  I
> hope you find value in these contents.  I know your questions were of
> great value to me. One last question of all of you:I still wonder if
> there are any successful examples of using technology to stay
> connected following an OS.  Anyone have stories about this? Enjoy the
> holidays.  I treasure this list for the relationships I have made
> through it and the learning it has given me. Love,Peg

Peg-- I really appreciate your sharing in such depth about your project
and the thinking that is going into the design of it. I was particularly
struck by the number and thoughtful nature of responses. What a gift
this list serve is - it's like having numerous "shadow" consultants to
help us co-create our best for our clients. And it provides such
marvelous learning opportunities. Thanks to everyone.

In gratitude --BJ
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