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Dear Peg
Two questions/observations which might matter.
1.    Are the 18 sessions to build on one another ?  If so, then some
continuity format would be critical.  If not (as seems the case) then
each session would have the option of starting afresh from where the
first 1-day session left off and each group make its own way.  Seems to
me that would be more true to the spirit of Open Space.  Hence, no real
need to focus on any continuity element apart from each session having
the same theme.  Seems to me the delicacy might be that the first 1-day
session might try to set agenda for the half-day sessions which could be
dicey and limiting.

2.    Is the second 1-day session to simply draw together into a
strategy the outcomes of the 18 half-day sessions ?  If so, then some
form of presenting to that 1-day session the outcomes of the 18 affairs
would be vital, and then use the day as a convergence and decisioning
exercise rather than opening up new material.  If that is the way, then
this would be the real development of strategic action for the
organization.  The use of an appropriate form of examining of the
outcomes from the half-day sessions would matter - perhaps dots on a
wall full of the outcome topics from the half-day sessions (I think
would be entrancing), or on-line reporting to the final-day participants
and voting on-line about that material.  Presumably there would be some
crossover of participants from the half-day sessions into this final
1-day affair.  As Harrison suggests, I think the least amount of time
possible in-between would be a good move.

Seems to me that the on-going activity from the second 1-day session
would be best arranged electronically - and least expensive, of course -
reporting to and sharing with the total of all participants the outcomes
and the elements that have been adapted into the new strategy.  That's
simple to do, I guess.

Just some observations, Peg.
Cheers and blessings,    BRIAN.

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> Peg Holman wrote:
>> I am about to do some work with the Washington State Arts Commission
>> to create a strategic plan.
Jim Lord wrote:

> For how can we succeed in bringing these resources to the surface, and
> realizing their generative potential, if not through our conviction
> that plenty is available -- and to the extent that we truly believe in
> their abundance
> It seems that OS does an incredible job of allowing people to see the
> will and energy that is available in a room if not the larger system.
> Still, folks can feel constricted financially.

Jim and Peg-- I have found that using the combination of AI and OS
energizes people and opens them to possibilities of will, commitment AND
abundance. This summer I used a combination of AI and OS with a number
of community stakeholders around the theme: creating communities that
truly support all parents in their job of raising healthy children, They
left the 2 1/2 day session convinced that all the resources they would
need were out there for them to access. And five months later, they are
making both incremental steps and quantum leaps and have found human and
capital resources to implement all nine projects, including the
development of large one-stop service centers in the three communities.

Peg, I hope you keep us posted on the decisions about process and about
the outcomes of your project.

And to both of you and the others on this wonderful list, I wish you
abundance, health, love and joy  in the next millennium!


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