Drop-off in numbers

Peg Holman pholman at msn.com
Wed Dec 1 10:26:23 PST 1999

I was talking with a client yesterday who just did a series of open spaces around the country.  She noticed that at every session the number of people in the closing circle was about half the number who were there when the OS began.  I, too, notice that this is almost always the case.

A couple years ago I followed up with folks who didn't come back for the second day of a 2-day event to find out why.  They told me they were so "full", they had gotten so much that they needed some time to reflect on it all.  This was certainly different from my assumption that there simply wasn't enough passion for the subject to stay involved.

I'm curious what other people's experiences are with numbers dropping off and what they hear or believe about the whys of it.

Peg Holman

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