Australia + soul and spirit in organisation(s)

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Hi Romy and thank you for your kind words,
My favourite book of Harrison's continues to be Spirit and I think it is
well worth a read to get the juices going on Spirit in organizations and to
understand some of Harrison's thinking as OST was getting birthed. I have
also read some of Ken Wilbur's books,  from which Harrison develops his
model of the reactive organization being at the centre of concentric
circles, with the responsive organization in the next layer, the proactive
organization in the next layer, the interactive organization in the next
layer and finally the inspired organization. My view of Spirit is that
Spirit is always present in everything and permeates all. And is in the
centre, and I totally inverse Harrison's diagram. For me, it is not that we
are evolving to an inspired state but that we are always in an inspired
state, have gotten lots of other stuff in the way, and need to get it out of
the way to access that within us. Within ourselves as individuals we can do
that through means such as meditation. Within ourselves as an organization,
we can do that through Open Space Technology.  For me as an individual, my
soul is the container through which Spirit works. Much like what Sheila says
in her e-mail about the particle and the wave. I talk about the Soul of the
organization and Spirit working through the Soul. For those that don't think
an organization has a Soul, we can use words like "collective consciousness"
or the "collective mind" about which there is much written. Or simply to
think of it as a field that needs to be nurtured so that Spirit can work.

Romy, this is so, so hard to do via e-mail. I hope you can get the gist of


Warmest regards,

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I am always SOooooo inspired by all that you write on the OS list - I
wonder how on earth you find all the time to create the generosity that you
do..... in being in Open Space in your life (perhaps that's the key); in
bringing OST to organisations and communities; and in supporting all our
learning and growing in OS.

I am longing to hear you talk more of the spirit and soul in organisation.
Clearly I have my own understanding..... and would love to benefit from
hearing how you help organisations to understand that.

Naturally we all benefit from all the work that Harrison has done over the
years on this.....    and I would love to see how it looks standing in your
shoes..?   Is there something on your website?

forgive me - I've forgotten your web address ?   Can you remind me please?

warm wishes and a big hug


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