Barbara E. Sliter besliter at eos.net
Mon Aug 23 15:08:12 PDT 1999

It is "unmoderated" and while there are folks who dislike the unnecessary
email I like the openness of it.  I find I can delete messages by the
Subject if I am not interested in that particular train of thought or
discussion.  Occasionally I may miss something but I think the universe
(often in the form of humans) provides pretty much what I need.

I appreciate that a monitor can be helpful but somehow I find this Listserv
meets my needs.

>From: Maura Fulton <mfulton at SMTP.CDIE.ORG>
>Subject: unmoderated!
>Date: Mon, Aug 23, 1999, 9:24 AM

> I am thrilled that there is a listserv for Open Space Technology, as I am
> in development and am a huge supporter of asset-based community development
> techniques.  I just joined the list and would like to know if this list is
> unmoderated!!!
> I, myself, moderate a listserv and know the benefits of having someone
> there to filter/gather/assemble, etc.
> While I feel that this information is valuable, I do not enjoy having 75%
> of my inbox filled with OSLIST responses and personal messages.  Is there
> anything that can be done about this???
> Respectfully yours,
> MJ Fulton

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