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Harrison Owen owen at tmn.com
Mon Aug 23 03:53:59 PDT 1999

>My question is this - there are only 5 board members (plus one exec
>director,and  one newsletter editor.) My experience facilitating about 7-8
>OS has been with groups of 100-250 and all in the context of
>conferences/gatherings. I am having trouble envisioning how the process
>would be productive for such a small number.
The smallest group I have worked with was 5. It happened by accident. We
were to have a larger group, but it snowed, and 5 showed up. I gave them
their choice, go home or go -- and telling everybody that I had not idea
how things would work out. The decided to go -- into Open Space, and to my
complete surprise, everything worked out just perfectly. The really
surprising thing to me was that the dynamics of the group were identical to
those of much large groups. They met in every permutation of five there is.
The only difficulty I had was trying to be present and invisable. But that
turned out to be one situation where being a smoker was an advantage.
Nobody was surprised when I disappeared for a while.

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