Self-organizing systems

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Sun Aug 22 04:59:35 PDT 1999

>Based upon this discussion, I, for one, do see value in revising the text on
>the site to reflect what a number of you have stated: OS is about
>self-organizing systems (SOS) AND about spirit.
>If anyone would like to work with us on revising the text, please contact me
>(since Michael's out of town) at osi at
Conversations about Spirit, can and do get weird -- and there is not much
point in weirding folks out, especially if  the visit to the website is
their first encounter with us and Open Space. So while I absolutely agree
that acknowledging the power of Spirit manifest in Open Space is quite
essential, if only under the heading of informed consent, my experience has
been that it needs to be done in a gentle way, and best with a tad of
humor. Once folks are there, they can draw their own conclusions. And DOC
-- Stuart Kaufman's book is "At Home in the Univerce," and published by
Oxford. There is another one before it with a more "scientific" title. The
latter is pretty heavy going unless your math and biology is in pretty good
shape. "At Home in the Univerce" is quite readable -- especially when he
sticks to his science. Then it is truly superb.

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