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Fri Aug 6 05:23:56 PDT 1999

Hi Romy,

At 07:25 06-08-1999 -0400, you wrote:
>yes -  if it's a CD rom, it's certainly easier to jump about - and with
>appropriately sized chunks can make it a particularly helpful teaching or
>reminder aid.   Is that what we're talking about?

No, not exactly. It is about playing audio - you wrote
that you might want to stop and start in the middle of
the thing so you could discuss it in a training session.
That was the reason that you would prefer a tape. My
remark was that a CD player usually has a pause button
that stops the CD at that particular spot and lets you
continue there again later on. Of course, as soon as
you hit the stop button or take out the CD, the position
is lost and you'd have to look it up again.

Then I mentioned another advantage of CD, and that is
that you can easily skip to a certain point without
having to wind or rewind, which you often have to do
with a cassette tape when it is not at the position
you want. This skipping can be made a lot easier if
the CD is divided into small logical sections. But
even within a section you can relatively easily skip
to a certain point with the skip forward and skip
backward buttons of the CD player.

Maybe this was too much detail, in that case forgive
me... ;-)


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