Visit the new World-wide Open Space web site

Peg Holman pholman at
Wed Aug 18 21:59:59 PDT 1999

To friends of Open Space everywhere,

Come visit our new home in cyberspace:  It is
our invitation to you to participate in the what gives the Open Space
Institutes meaning: holding space for Open Space.  Whether for mutual
support and connection, mentoring or being mentored, learning or
contributing to OS research, or simply a place to send your friends, the web
site is there for you.

To that end, this site is as open to participation as we could make it.  For
example, take a look at stories and resources provided by OS practitioners.
Do you have a story or OS tool you'd like to share?  You can post it

Or do you want to learn about OS trainings or events?  They're not only
listed, but if you are an OSI member, you can post them yourself.

Want to connect with an OS practitioner near you or who has expertise in a
particular area?  Check out the directory of friends and practitioners.  And
while you're there, add yourself to the list.

Need some resources on Open Space -- the User's Guide or the U S WEST video?
What's available for purchase is described online.  And if you're a member
with a related resource to sell, post it!

And of course, what Open Space is complete without an online marketplace?
Got something about OS to discuss, here's a place to do it.  A couple seeds
have been planted to start the conversation, but it won't grow without you.

This site is here in service to the Open Space community.  It helps to hold
the space for the OS community around the world, so come join us and send
your friends.

And please let us know what you think by contacting us at
webmaster at or osi at

Yours, in Open Space,
Michael Herman, Peggy Holman, Barry Owen, and Koos de Heer
creators of the World-wide Open Space web site

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