Case Study help

Anne Pattillo pattillo at
Wed Aug 11 01:54:58 PDT 1999


I"m Anne, a Development Consultant from New Zealand.  I've recently
received some training in OS from Birgitt Bolton - it was great and now I
am beginning my own OS journey.

I need some help.

I am working with an environmental consultancy - engineers, town planners,
landscape architects.  We are looking to create a joint venture
incorporating OS into planning and consultation processes.

Does any one out there have examples, case studies of instances when OS has
been used in planning, consulation, design and decision -making projects
related to environmental planning issues.  For example, placement of a
prison in a community, design of roading or sewerage treatment, rural
development, land or coastal use.

I'd be very greatful.


Anne Pattillo

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