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Hello friends in Open Space,
I just wanted to share one of those bits of hard evidence with you that
Open Space delivers. We are often asked for such examples, so feel free to
use this story.

I have been working with a health care facility for a number of months. It
was critical to them that they do well in getting a status of
"accreditation". This mattered to their bottom line in terms of the number
of patients they could have and the amount of money they could go after,
amongst other things like professional profile in this Province and beyond.
We just received word of their accreditation as confirmed and not needing
review by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation again for
another few years.

The entire preparation of the organization for accreditation and conducting
of the required community consultations and so on was done in a series of
Open Space events. Quote from the letter:
"The process for updating the strategic direction of the organization, led
by an external consultant, indicates the environmental scanning process was
based on broad representation. Subsequent decision making regarding
priorities relate to the needs and concerns presented by stakeholders. The
Board is now established in outward vision and pro-active strategic
leadership. The Board understands its role as clear and distinct from the
CEO. The strategic plan includes information management, human resource
management and continuous quality improvement activities. The in-depth
analysis of the organization's mission and strategic direction is strongly
supported and the staff and directors are commended for the progress made."

I hope this is helpful to some of you,

Be well,

Birgitt Bolton
Dalar Associates/Change Team Canada
55 Ravina Cres., Ancaster, Ontario, Canada L9G 2E8
phone: 905-648-5775    fax: 905-648-2262
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