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Wed Sep 2 21:14:03 PDT 1998

David, I just facilitated a day of Open Space with 27 people. They
generated 17 topics, which during the marketplace distilled to 13 sessions.
We had three 90 minute time periods which included a working lunch. I had
identified and wrote up post-its for five breakout rooms; if more space was
needed, I suggested that people write their own choice for space on the
post-it and attach it to their topic. We had a closing circle in the late
afternoon; they will continue their conversations online, because they
reside and work in different parts of the continent.

I continue to be amazed at how well Open Space unfolds. Let the passions of
the participants and the magic of the marketplace and Law of Two Feet do
the work. I like to pay particular attention to the organic quality of the
marketplace. I asked each participant to sign up for every topic they are
interested in; if any participant wishes to see two topics brought
together, they must ask the originator of each topic whether they are
willing to do so.

I wish you well - Jeff


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"Why would we avoid participation and worry only about its risks, when we
need more and more eyes to evoke reality? Why would we resist the rich
visions and strong futures that emerge when we come together to create the
world? Why would we choose rigidity or predictability when we are invited
to be part of the generative processes of the cosmos?" - Meg Wheatley

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