Involving the low income and disenfranchised in OS

Birgitt Bolton birgitt at
Mon Nov 9 18:31:51 PST 1998

Hi Peggy and John,
thanks for forwarding this one on. I suspect that nothing one says is going
to make OSONOS seem available to someone on a low income. Many of us are
cutting costs by room sharing and so on. Coming from Canada where our $ is
so weak in relation to the US $ is making this a tough one for me too. There
have been years when I have asked Harrison to waive my fee for OSONOS. He
was always gracious and understanding. The sliding scale makes it possible
for things to work out. For sure though, this event is expensive.

I do want to point out that everything else to do with Open Space is very
affordable. I have worked extensively with homeless folks, people on
disability incomes, street youth, etc. Some have learned to do Open Space
and are doing amazing work on their own. As a facilitator, I choose to give
1/3 of my working days a year to folks who really can't afford to pay.  1/3
to non-profits at a reduced rate, and 1/3 at a normal rate which more than
makes up for it. Robin Hood principle.I think others are out there who do
something the same. It is my greatest desire to get Open Space out there
wherever it is needed. Maybe, we need to be invited in.

Wishing you all the best,
Birgitt Bolton

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