Involving the low income and disenfranchised in OS

Peg Holman pholman at
Mon Nov 9 14:37:17 PST 1998

John has asked a very valuable question about involving people of limited
economic means in the growing OS community.  He consented to my passing his
message on to this group.  Your thoughts on this subject would be most

Peg Holman

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From: John L. Johnson <johnj at>
To: Peg Holman, Open Space Institute <osi at>
Date: Thursday, November 05, 1998 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: Last Notice: Come to the Open Space on Open Space, Nov. 14-16

>Dear Peg:  Thanks for your message.  I need to go a bit further, given
>your reply about combining OSonOS with a vacation at the beach. One of
>my major interests is in economic development in the Black Community.
>We serve and work with very low income groups and among disenfranchised
>and oppressed people, in addition there are serious issues of race/class
>and economic inequality.  But I believe that Open Space has a place in
>this work, but as of now it seems to be financially out of reach for
>most of "us" and a "vacation at the beach" or the romanticism of
>Monterey, in my vies, grows out of a privileged position, without
>awareness. I realize the intention of trying to build up Open Space, but
>if it to be "reserved" by economic and cultural privilege, then it will
>not serve the communities in which I and many others are striving to
>work and to bring OS into the mix.  How can we work together, within the
>Open Space Institute, to find ways, by venue, by attitude, and
>economically to involve "us" in the very important effort?  I have
>already been in touch with Robin Hopkins, in this area, in terms of
>developing a local open space community that is inclusive of the diverse
>needs of  our communities. I would appreciate it if you would, if you
>feel comfortable, relay my concerns and interest to those assembled at
>the Open  Space of Open Space.  John L Johnson
>Peg Holman, Open Space Institute wrote:
>> John,
>> OSonOS usually alternates coasts so OSonOS 1999 will probably be
>> in the east.  You might consider other OS gatherings.  A few are listed
>> events on the web site < > and I hope we'll
>> learn about more as we continue improving the web site.
>> Or, combine a trip to OSonOS with a vacation at the beach.  Carmel is a
>> wonderfully romantic place and its just down the street from Monterey.
>> Peg Holman
>> Open Space Institute
>> 425-746-6274

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