OSONOS-my struggles,my viewpoint

Julie Benesh jbenesh at rush.edu
Tue Nov 24 07:37:50 PST 1998

Birgitt, et.al;

While you were at OSONOS, I was at the National ODN Conference in New
Orleans, where some were upset that an Affinity Group hosted what it called
a "SageExchange"--this offended some, even though the "sages" were
self-selected, not chosen by others, and the group was inclusive, open to
all.  I think the "offense" may have been about the "sages" seeming in this
session to be setting themselves apart and somehow hoarding their wisdom,
instead of sharing it *only* with those with less experience, who may have
felt they needed it more. This reaction seems naive and short-sighted, if in
a sense understandable--surely there is a place for both kinds of sharing!
In A Basket of Fresh Bread, Rumi says "look for a generous teacher, one who
has absorbed the tradition he is in".  A later line says "You are the source
of milk/Don't milk others!"

To me, Harrison is the soul of generosity, and generosity is the essence of
Open Space.  Hopefully, one day those who, knowingly or unknowingly, seek to
exploit that generosity will be in a position to give themselves, knowing
that the wisdom is within, and only grows by being shared.



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