fear and change

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Tue Dec 22 14:29:06 PST 1998

<<Do I understand that you believe that in open space people are
despairing, aspiring, or operating on auto-pilot?
Or is it that in open space we do not have to operate that way?  If so,
how then are we operating in open space?>>

In open space aspiration is supported powerfully. Some people may get
desperate when they think their power, role or position could get people to
come to their session or stay in their session. When people use their own two
feet to vote, fear, rejection and desperation does show up sometimes in
But generally, people do get in touch with their own aspiration to participate
in creating their own offering and signing up for participation. In addition,
voting with two feet helps them to get in touch with what has heart's meaning
and passion for them. In some respects, it is getting in touch with and
liberating aspiration that takes place in Open space.

There is very little support for people to operate on autopilot. I suppose
people could do what they want on autopilot in their session but people leave.
I remember my 1992 open space in Oregon where 70% of the people showed up for
my session and when I got on my autopilot, most of them left leaving 2-3
people. I really was shocked and got in touch with my autopilot patterns and
in reflecting on it, I learned significant amount.

hope this helps

Ralph Copleman>>

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