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My thanks to Owen, Larry and others who responded to my request for advise
on conducting my first Open Space event--and I think the first to be held
in Nova Scotia.

Within one hour, the 35 participants, which ranged from environmentalists
to native leaders to government scientists, created 18 sessions for the
day, and then engaged in passionate discussions that moved everyone a long
way towards a developing State of the Environment Report for Nova Scotia.
At the end of the day, participants had most of the proceedings, with the
complete package going out shortly.

One comment heard several times after the meeting was, "I learned so much
today."  Even after a long day, there was enthusiasm for the second day of
the endeavour, which will take place next month.

My thanks also to Brigitt, who gave me a last minute transmission of the
spirit of caring, respect and trust that seems so important to Open Space.
I hope to get "formal" training in the New Year.

Joe Szostak
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Way to Go Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harrison

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