Sales strategy

CRAIG LaFargue CLF2 at
Wed Dec 16 16:29:07 PST 1998

Hello out there.  I must say that I am very excited about doing OST, but am
running up a bit of a stumbling block right out of the chute.  I was thinking
of doing a "demo" OST to potential clients, but after reading the warnings on
the listserve to not do such a "foolish" thing, I'm left with puzzlement about
how one goes about selling this thing to potential clients, without them
"tasting" it first.  It could be viewed as a bit of a "pig in a poke."  What
would really help me is suggestions from all of you about what works and what
doesn't regarding selling an OST meeting to prospects who have never seen such
a thing.  Looking forward to your response.  Thanks in advance.

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