Opening the Space at Closing

owen owen at
Mon Dec 14 14:52:52 PST 1998

At 03:45 PM 12/14/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>At the close of a two day Open Space for a division of a governmental
>agency in Michigan I drew Harrisons hypothetical diagram (from the OS
>training workshop) to explain what the possibilities are after the initial
>Open Space event, namely, do-its, get more info and then do-it, or get more
>info and do a mini-Open Space.  This diagram drawn on a flipchart looks
>like a neural network depending on the outcomes of the initial Open Space
>as well as the outcomes of the do-its and the more infos.
thanks for sharing Linda-- it's what Open Space is all about. And I think
the approach you take is a good one, and will be anxious to hear how it
works out in the longer run, and what the experience of other folks might
be who try it. Happy Holidays!!!! h.

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