people coming and going at OS

Oliver Schrader a8600378 at
Mon Dec 28 11:14:59 PST 1998


I`m rather new in this list, just having participated in my first
OS. Having been a  facilitator (or moderator as we call it) with a
basically similar approach to people for ten years I'm most
intrigued by this way to really make selforganization possible. So I
will organize an OS soon, but in preparing this event I stumbled over
the question, whether somebody who wants to come, has to commit
himself for the whole time (in this case two days, in an volunteers
organization, with about 80 to 120 people possibly being interested

As I understand the opening proces is a very important
happening of coming together and opening the space. So how about
people who (think they) can't stay all the time, either coming late
or leaving early? How to integrate them in the proces? Do the
principles of openspace also apply to OS as a whole, or is it
necessary that everybody or at least a vast mayority commit
themselves to be present the whole time, or at least at the

Anybody got answers to this or experiences with people
coming and going? How do you deal with this? Is there a critical
mass, that should commit themselves, so its possible for some people
not to be present all the time, or is it necessary for almost
everybody  to be there all the time? Or isn't it a problem anyway?

looking forward to answers,  happy new year to everybody

Oliver Schrader, Vienna

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