Reviewing previously posted messages

Murli Nagasundaram rismurli at
Tue Dec 22 21:27:05 PST 1998

There's a fairly easy way to review old messages posted to our list (going
back about 10 months).  Here's what you do:

Send the following message to listserv at

         index oslist

This will return a list of archive files for the list, e.g., below:

* Archive files for the OSLIST list at LISTSERV.BOISESTATE.EDU
* (monthly logs)
*                                       rec             last - change
* filename      filetype        GET PUT -fm lrecl nrecs date     time
* --------      --------        --- --- --- ----- ----- -------- --------
  OSLIST        LOG9803         LOG OWN V     115  1600 98/03/31 23:29:53
  OSLIST        LOG9804         LOG OWN V      87  1854 98/04/30 19:05:44
  OSLIST        LOG9805         LOG OWN V     771  2503 98/05/29 08:14:13
  OSLIST        LOG9806         LOG OWN V     724  3449 98/06/30 01:22:58
  OSLIST        LOG9807         LOG OWN V     186  3714 98/07/29 13:32:57
  OSLIST        LOG9808         LOG OWN V      79  1861 98/08/31 17:42:22
  OSLIST        LOG9809         LOG OWN V     599  3507 98/09/29 13:26:09
  OSLIST        LOG9810         LOG OWN V     795  6544 98/10/31 16:14:36
  OSLIST        LOG9811         LOG OWN V     170  3905 98/11/29 09:09:27
  OSLIST        LOG9812         LOG OWN V     905  7567 98/12/22 21:53:41

Let's say that you wish to review all the messages posted in August 98.
Send the following message to listserv at

         get oslist log9808

i.e., get filename filetype

This will return  you a message containing all the postings for August 98.

You may also get a specified range of postings, thus:

        getpost oslist n1-n2

where n1-n2 is a specified range of messages, e.g.,

        getpost oslist 45-95

will return all messages from number 45 to number 95, with the oldest
available message retained in the archive treated as number 1.

It appears that our archive goes back only 10 months, so you won't be able
to review all the messages going back to the first message posted.  If you
think that maintaining all the postings for posterity would be useful for
the community, I would ask the person maintaining the website to consider
getting all the files from time to time and storing them at the OST website.

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