Sales strategy to Craig LaFargue

Denis Hitchens denisch at
Mon Dec 21 12:54:02 PST 1998

>Hello out there.  I must say that I am very excited about doing OST, but am
>running up a bit of a stumbling block right out of the chute.  I was thinking
>of doing a "demo" OST to potential clients, but after reading the warnings on
>the listserve to not do such a "foolish" thing, I'm left with puzzlement about
>how one goes about selling this thing to potential clients, without them
>"tasting" it first.  It could be viewed as a bit of a "pig in a poke."  What
>would really help me is suggestions from all of you about what works and what
>doesn't regarding selling an OST meeting to prospects who have never seen such
>a thing.  Looking forward to your response.  Thanks in advance.

How is this for you?  Owen, Larry and I have tried to put some of the
issues, what do you think?

For me to be a successful consultant requires three things:

1) you know how to sell, this doesn't mean that you have to be the world's
greatest salesman, but you must know how to sell

2) you must have something to sell, some quality or expertise that you can
tell the buyer you offer

3) you must be able to deliver what you sell

To me there's not much more to it

But each one of those must be understood with some depth.

You can have the best widget or service in the world but if you can't sell
it you still starve.

If you fail to deliver regularly then reputation will precede you.

I think we have covered these points in the discussion.

For me I continue to perceive that 'characterisation' of the product falls
into the category of experience.  I think you see it in Harrison's most
recent words.  This is a case of learning to ride a bicycle.  No one can
tell you how, you have to get on the bike and do it.  Well for me it is the
same here, get on the bike and do it.  You will  learn as you go along.  You
will learn how to sell and how to deliver and then you will be better
selling and delivering.  But only if you put in another step, that is some
true reflection between each of the steps.  Without that reflection your
knowledge will not deepen as quickly as it might, if at all.  Reflection
does include deep discussion as well, reflection with others on the journey.
And as you see many are ready to try to help.

But now we need some feedback.  How are you doing?


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