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I'm a tad confused as to who's asking what question, so to Marie, Peg,
Johan and anyone else interested:

This sounds to me like a "goal deployment" exercise, and I think OS
might work very well as a vehicle to ensure wide participation.  I would
suggest that the breakout groups meet for a 1.5 hour session, then a 15
minute break to post results on the walls, then a 30-minute walkabout
for everyone to see what other groups came up with.  If the desired
outcome from this event is an agreed-upon set of strategies to live the
values and work toward the vision, then some forum to include all
participants as a body will have to be created.  If it is enough to have
people discuss vision and values and come up with individual strategies,
then probably the walkabout and forum are unnecessary, and people can go
home early.

Best regards,
Jaymee Keith
Ombudsman's Office
Washington State Dept. of Transportation

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>3 messages follow:
>1.  Johan's question about opening a small space
>2.  A request I sent for more information
>3.  His response
>He's describing an interesting situation that I hope some folks can help
>Peg Holman
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>>> >I was introduced to Open Space by Sussanne Maxwell at the Business and
>>> >Conciousness-conferance in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last November.
>>> >kindly let me borrow her book on Open Space during the conferance.
>>> >
>>> >In a few months I intend to use Open Space with a customer of mine and
>>> >while planning the event we realize that we are somewhat short of time.
>>> >will be en evening event. We have three to four hours at our disposal.
>>> >question is:
>>> >
>>> >- should we have two one-hour groupsessions after the introduction, in
>>> >order to cover as many groups as possible or
>>> >- should we rather have one groupsession of 1,5 hours in order to give
>>> >groups some more time and to be able to finish the event earlier in the
>>> >evening ?
>>> >
>>> >The customer is a departmentstore. The attendees are the clerks. The
>>> >starts after the closing of the day i.e. 8.00 pm. They may be too tired
>>> >continue until midnight.
>>> >
>>> >Thankful for an answer - best regards Johan Ryd
>>> >
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>>> Johan,
>>> I have a few more questions for you before answering your question on
>>> of sessions.  For me, the answer depends on the purpose of the open
>>> This tells me what I am trying to accomplish and gives me some feeling
>>> whether a 3-4 hour session can accomplish that purpose and in what form.
>>> My other question is how many people will be there?  That, too, would
>>> influence my decision.  Please let me know and I will give you my
>>> If you would like, I can also pass your message to the Open Space
>>> and you can get the opinions of many OS practitioners.  Please let me
>>> if you want me to do this.
>>> Peggy Holman
>>> Open Space Institute (US), part of World-wide Open Space
>>> 425-746-6274
>>> >
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>Date: Wednesday, December 16, 1998 2:21 PM
>Subject: Re: Open Space
>>Hello Peg,
>>Thank you for replying to my question. Here is some additional information.
>>The purpose of the Open Space is to bring all the employees of a department
>>store into participacion in a vision-mission-value project that the company
>>is running. A vision-mission and values statement has been created by
>>management and some 300 middle-managers. The statement and the project has
>>been presented to all employees (1200-1500 persons in all, but only 650-700
>>actually participated during this event)
>>In late January and early February we are planning to run Open Space on 4
>>occations, in the evenings, after the store has closed. The purpose is to
>>give everyone an opportunity to make their voice heard regarding what
>>activities they see fit in order to  make the vision-mission and values
>>come true. We intend to invite with a broad subject i e cooperation in the
>>workplace, cooperation between departments etc.
>>We will invite everyone to participate and expect 100 - 200 people at every
>>occation (4 times)
>>I would love to be posted on the Open Space listserve.
>>Best regards - Johan

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