Opening Small Spaces

Peg Holman pholman at
Mon Dec 14 17:20:05 PST 1998

I have been pondering a question on the opposite side of the Day 2 bounce.
(Thanks for the great term, Jay)  Recently, with several potential
clients where I've mentioned OS, I've heard, "oh, we did that a
while ago and it didn't work."  When I dig a little deeper, what I
frequently find is that people spent a few hours in a larger meeting in
"open space."

And yet there are many stories of small spaces working well and making a
difference.  I have heard most of those stories from practitioners.  Most of
the stories I hear of OS "not working"  come from potential clients, often
describing small spaces.

So, I wonder what makes the difference in opening small spaces.  Is it the
resonance of the theme?  The "tightness" or "looseness" of the community?
The context in which the space is being opened?

Anyone have some thoughts on this?

Peg Holman

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