Open Space Events 1997 Calendar

El Bloque elbloque at
Wed Jun 4 05:19:46 PDT 1997

Dear Open Spacers!
I do not know the exact purpose of this list, so hope not to offend you.
I like to share with you the data about the to be held 1997 European Open
Space Events. Besides the ones in USA/UK conducted by Harrison Owen there
are some 'really Open Space' events to come.

I am happy with the existence of this list, actually I was brainstorming
with Henriette Lingg about how we can best use the InterNet for the OT/Open
Space community. This is a good start, only people have to be aware it is there.
Matthias, I have put your message on the bulletin board in the OT15 Spain
Community Hall.

OT15-Spain is taking place now at this moment and with the 18 people who are
participating we have a very inspiring and fruitful time. Community meetings
can be intimate and personal. The marketplace is e.g. about professional
sharing and models about change. Ongoing discussion of the Five Open Space
Principles and the difference and purpose of Open Space and OT.

Best regards,
Erik Ykema
(secretary centre 'El Bloque')
(member organizing comittee OT15 Spain)

**** 31.5-7.6.96     OT 15 Spain ****
15th International Conference on Organization Transformation using Open
Space Principles
focussing theme: 'Bringing the Inner Out!'
Organising Committee: Theo Voors, Dolf in 't Veld, Erik Ykema
place:  Centre 'El Bloque', Alicante, Spain
contact: elbloque at, +346-689 5551

**** 28.6-4.7.97     OT 15 Austria ****
15th Annual International Conference of Organisation Transformation.
theme: Being - Business. Balance? Working from your essence.
Organising Committee: Henriette Lingg, Bernard Bisschoff, Cristoph Mandl,
Grada Böcker, Nigel Furneaux, Anna Ferrero.
place:  Hotel Böglerhof**** Alpbach Tyrol Austria
contact: Henriette Lingg, hl.protrainer at, ++49(0)81 31 59 69 69
Already ca. 50 participants have booked

**** August 1997     OT 15 Russia ****
contact: Yuri Shatskikh, tel +7-95-277.65.36, fax +7-95-277.65.23

**** October 1997    Family-OT-meeting ISRAEL ****
Theme: Community Building
Contact: Mo Cohen +44-1803-866.533
         Ton van der Kroon +31-20-681.21.39
El Bloque Evolutionair Centrum - Apartado 51, 03530 La Nucia, Spain
tel +346-689 5551  fax +346-587 0270
email elbloque at -

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