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Mon Jan 13 15:23:05 PST 1997

Hi Peg - apologies for my tardy response....in answer to your questions, I
think we should certainly post your template as a starting point, (with a
link from the TMN site?) and solicit feedback from  visitors and indeed ask

for assistance if there are genuine web-masters out there. In the meantime,

I have contacted some friends who run a web-publshing house here in Seattle

and asked them for a quote (plus I took the liberty of asking them if they
are open to doing some pro-bono work...) Will let you know what feedback I


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Welcome back!  Its good to hear your "voice" again.  On the web site, I,
too, would LOVE some professional help to really make the site "sing."
Know anyone who'd be willing to donate their time and talent to the
cause?  If not, have you any idea how much money we'd have to raise?

On the use of an agent, I think it would be great.  Ironically, I
checked out the site and the links for every one of the samples failed.
We've got a beta copy of Office '97 at home, so I've seen the agent at

So, how do you feel about putting something up knowing that we'll change
it when we get some technical support?

From: Fidelma McGinn
To: Holman, Peggy ; 'rismurli at cobfac.idbsu.edu'
Subject: OSI website
Date: Monday, January 06, 1997 5:13PM

Happy New Year to you both!

I have viewed both of the wondrous outlines you posted for the OSI
and applaud you both for having the conviction to follow through with
task. I was hoping to be able to apply some time to this also but
regrettably the weeks are being eaten up mercilessly... This gives me
little scope to critique the work you have done, so consider this as
constructive feedback. I am not a webmistress by any stretch of the
imagination and would actually favor using the services of someone more
in-tune with the latest programming technologies to create a
site, using the rubric of your initial efforts to guide them. I think
information you have both gathered is the right content, and with the

format, we could have a very compelling site, to encourage repeat

We talked a lot about the need for a website at the OS gathering in

last month and I think you captured the essence of why we need one and

content should be there very well in your recent email epistle Peggy. As
was saying at that event, my preference would be for a more
experience upon linking to OSI online....and this can be achieved with

new developments from good 'ol Microsoft. With the aid of a good
programmer, we could achieve a great deal, and really expand the whole
experience by applying some of these new tools, like the Agent metaphor.
'scuse the shameless self-promotion for a moment....

Microsoft(r) Agent technology is ActiveX(tm) technology, providing a set

services that allows applications to include an interactive software

The agent is presented as a character. & includes support for animation,
speech recognition, and speech synthesis. By providing support for
personalities, the Agent facilitates a new form of user interaction
as a conversational interface. A conversational interface attempts to
leverage natural aspects of human dialogue and social interaction (also
known as a social user interface), and make user interfaces more
and approachable for a wider variety of users. For more information on

and some examples that illustrate how it can be used to good effect,
your browser (MS Internet Explorer I hope....) to the following website:


When you get a chance to check this out, I'd love to hear your comments
about how to integrate this into our website and really generate a Cyber
Space community that will reflect the ambitions of OSI.

Best wishes,

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At the Seattle session on the Open Space Institute, Wendy Potter made a
commitment to look into making speakers on Open Space available through
a speakers bureau.  So, if you feel comfortable doing OS and talking on
your feet, and would like to participate, let Wendy know.  She's at
206-621-4469.  (She's not on e-mail which is why you are getting this
message from me.)

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