FW: Executive coaching prior to OS session

Kay Vogt CaveOat at aol.com
Tue Jan 28 08:56:07 PST 1997


I think this IS really important AND its not talked about (or did I miss
something) in the training.  A DAY?? with the managers?  Don't they balk at
that. God its already 2 1/2 days, another day on top of that?  Do people
actually go for that?


In a message dated 97-01-27 19:50:47 EST, lpasoc at inforamp.net (Larry
Peterson) writes:

>I do a lot before an event. Infact it is the most critical work I do. I 
>with the host executive or manager about the theme for sure, but also 
>the extent of openness that they want. I ask them to clarify  the 
>within which people are free to self-organize and act. If it is a large
>event, I have meet with a whole  senior team for a day to explore  these
>issues or to hold an "small space" event about a key issue so that they 
>what they are getting into. If they want to control  the discussion, I
>propose other meeting approaches.

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