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Birgitt Bolton birgitt at worldchat.com
Wed Jan 22 19:10:19 PST 1997

I also can't make the meeting in Seattle to discuss the training although
any excuse to come out that way is usually most welcome by me. It could be
the terrific folks, it could be the proximity to ocean, or more likely the
combination of the two that is so wonderful.

So, here's my 2cents too. I think that there is an interesting discussion 
be had about Chris' one day introductory sessions to Open Space. If people
come out of that session thinking that they can DO Open Space, all the more
power to them if it goes well. I don't think it is possible, just like I
don't think that doing Open Space just by reading the book is a good idea. 
suspect I'm in a minority opinion on that one. Actually, I think I'd rather
have folks just read the book and know that they still have a long way to 
than go to a one day session and think they are going to do it justice. But
then Chris is moving out this way soon, and he and I will surely have to
have this debate (most heatedly) over a beer or two.

Three years ago, I scheduled only four days for Harrison to do his training
in. We had a lot of feedback that said it was too much for that time, there
was too much personal growth happening, too much that people needed time 
in between things to go to their own deep places. We have since extended 
time with incredible success and deep appreciation from the folks for
honouring their needs.

I think the longer event is necessary to do the training and personal 
work well. Many folks who offer personal growth intensives never do less
than the six day intensive version. Maybe in our marketing we could
emphasize the personal growth element more.

I think the cost is high and I am worried about that for the session we are
planning for June, but I am also aware that it is at the low end of 
costs out there in the market. I don't know how you'll know if this is a
factor, but if you figure it out, I would like some feedback.

I also think that your flyer describing the event was terrific. It was 
and informative. No problem with it.

I think the focus is probably marketing--how to get word out there, so
similar to marketing Open Space period.

Hugs to all,


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