executive coaching

Birgitt Bolton birgitt at worldchat.com
Tue Jan 28 11:49:36 PST 1997

Just a note to concur with Larry's comments about spending time with the
senior executive or team for a day before the event. The event itself will
work without this--no problem. However,...my experience is that in terms of
long term payoffs, this day is incredibly important and valuable. I no
longer do Open Space as a meeting or event or intervention or whatever like
that only. I am deeply committed to improving organizational life through
Open Space for the longer term. From this base, I no longer ever do an Open
Space event without the one day upfront that Larry has described.

If posed in such a way that it enables folks to understand the investment 
terms of sustainability, they can see the benefit.

I always have fun with this time. I usually focus a good portion of the 
on developing clarity about the purpose of their Open Space meeting. What
truths come out! And surprizes! It is interesting how different the real
purpose of the event often is from that which I am originally contacted
about. And in the process of getting to this point, we all have learned 
that is incredibly beneficial and transferable.

Good to greet you on line Kay.


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