Getting it "in"//keeping it going

Larry Peterson lpasoc at
Thu Jan 2 12:46:52 PST 1997

Two good questions Peggy. Maybe as an internal, getting it in is fairly
easy. For an external, it means "serindipity". Somebody has to experience
it, hear about it or be ready themselves in order to make the leap. I have
had more opportunities come from people who experience it and are intrigued
or have heard about it from a friend -- than by any other means. We'll see
what Billie and Barbara's book does in generating more interest.

Keeping it going depends on a number of conditions being present, both
within and without the organization. The willingness of leadership to risk
is critical. I'm writing the Bank of Montreal story and it is surprsing how
many factors have come together to fost the substantial impact that Open
Space appears to have had.

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