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Murli Nagasundaram rismurli at cobfac.idbsu.edu
Tue Jan 7 09:12:17 PST 1997

Peggy, a happy new year to you!  Hope you had a nice break.  I haven't been
around for a while and just came in today to check my mail---hence the
delay in my response.  I am leaving in a few hours for La Jolla, where I
will be the rest of the week.  So I will get all the things done you have
requested when I am back.

 The list membership so far is:

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rismurli at COBFAC.IDBSU.EDU       Murli
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lpasoc at INFORAMP.NET             Larry Peterson
fidelmc at MICROSOFT.COM           Fidelma Mcginn
blisson at NETACCESS.ON.CA         Brian Lisson
gkmz at ONR.COM                    Metta Zetty
Anthony.Granillo at PSS.BOEING.COM Tony Granillo
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jeffa at TMN.COM                   Jeff Aitken
stevensn at TMN.COM                Linda Stevenson
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birgitt at WORLDCHAT.COM           Birgitt Bolton
* Total number of "concealed" subscribers:         2
* Total number of users subscribed to the list:   17  (non-"concealed" 
* Total number of local node users on the list:    0  (non-"concealed" 

I will post this info periodically.  There is a switch I can set to make it
accessible to everyone.  Unfortunately, this results in spammers stealing
the email addresses and bombarding users with junk mail, something we want
to avoid.



>Well, I thought I knew the answer to Birgitt's other question: how do
>you know who you are communicating with when you send a message to the
>OSLIST?  I know that 15 of us have subscribed.  How does one find out
>who they are?
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>From: Birgitt Bolton
>To: Holman, Peggy
>Subject: web site
>Date: Saturday, December 28, 1996 9:54AM
>Hi Peggy! And blessings for your new year!
>I have checked out the web site--hurray to you for getting this moving.
>I have subscribed as per instructions and have two requests of you. The
>first of which shows that I don't really understand the site yet. Could
>please tell me how I know who has subscribed and thus who I would be
>communicating to? Is it the contact list?
>And also, could you please get my name and e-mail added to those who
>attended OSONOS and to those who have been interested in your
>Thanks a lot.
>All the best to you.

>From Holman, Peggy Tue Jan  7 11:47:00 1997
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On Introducing It

As an internal consultant, I'd say serandipity also plays a significant
role in bringing OS in.  A group needs to be ready.  This seems to
translate into "things are awful as they are; I don't know what to do;
HELP!"  They also need to trust the person making the suggestion.  It is
a leap of faith to the uninitiated, so agreeing to proceed seems to have
more to do with relationships than anything else.

It took about 6 months of planting seeds before someone at U S WEST
"bit."  I've been at Weyerhaeuser for 18 months and although the concept
is intriguing to many of my colleagues in Total Quality and Organization
Development, there hasn't yet been a situtation where a customer group
has felt the need to try something that seems so radical to them.

I think the most critical factor in introducing OS is the relationship
between the change agent and the personwho has the need.  If trust
exists, then the likelihood is higher they'll give OS a try.
From: Larry Peterson
To: Multiple recipients of list OSLIST
Subject: Getting it "in"//keeping it going
Date: Thursday, January 02, 1997 12:46PM

Two good questions Peggy. Maybe as an internal, getting it in is fairly
easy. For an external, it means "serindipity". Somebody has to
it, hear about it or be ready themselves in order to make the leap. I
had more opportunities come from people who experience it and are
or have heard about it from a friend -- than by any other means. We'll
what Billie and Barbara's book does in generating more interest.

Keeping it going depends on a number of conditions being present, both
within and without the organization. The willingness of leadership to
is critical. I'm writing the Bank of Montreal story and it is surprsing
many factors have come together to fost the substantial impact that Open
Space appears to have had.

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