Questions to Ponder

Holman Holman
Thu Jan 2 10:26:00 PST 1997

As I have talked to people about Open Space, there seem to be two themes
that come up over and over.  Which theme is voiced depends on the
person's hands on experience with OST.  If they've used it, the question
most on their mind is:

        How do I keep this going?

If they have been exposed to it, but haven't used it, they question most
on their mind is:

        How do I bring this into my organization?

These seem to be useful, fundamental questions worth pondering; so I
thought I'd try an experiment with this listserv and see if anyone wants
to ponder either or both of these questions over the electronic air

Hope the new year finds you all well and ready for a great 1997.

Peg Holman

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