os training

Larry Peterson lpasoc at inforamp.net
Thu Jan 23 07:23:03 PST 1997

My first learning about Open Space was at a two day event in 1989 that
Harrison did in Toronto. I had read Spirit and was action/researching
organizational transformation, so  I  was ready. It was one day of
perspective and one day in Open Space. That got my journey going with a
bang! I started opening spaces soon therafter. However, my learning also
included the first week long OS event in Canada and then some participation
in everyone since. The last event, which Birgitt and I co-sponsored  was a
phenomenal event for people and learning about Open Space -- it was much
more than the "technology".

I have led 2-3 day "training" events in a number of settings. People have
taken their learning and proceeded to become competent and then spirited
Open Space facilitators -- some have continued their journeys in a variety
of ways without benefit of a five day  event. I think the four-five day
event has wonderful possibilities -- I think the journey can start in less 


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