Executive coaching prior to OS session

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Sat Jan 25 10:13:58 PST 1997


Don't know how to post this to the web site to have a conversation.  Maybe 
could just do it this way.

I am interested in having a conversation with those of you who have held OS
sessions in a corporate environment and what you have done/not done prior 
the event with the management staff.  In at least two of the OS's I have
held, I felt that progress was impeded by the management convening 
 In one case, the executive director convened almost all the sessions, and
although it seemed to go OK, and there were some other sessions convened by
others, I felt I had been remiss in that I should have addressed that
possibility up front.  In another case, in which there were about 80 
one main manager, and about 7 assistant managers, several of the TOP 10
issues were issues convened by the managers.  On the feedback form people
made reference to "lip service" by management, and that they tried to 
the process.

My question is, what do others do prior to an OS event?  I almost think I
need to meet with the managers and talk about convening/not convening
sessions.  However, I don't want to squelch their ideas because why should
they be any less important than anyone elses?  Its just that when managers
convene sessions, it seems to be all too easy to go back to the old ways of
control and responsibility, and people seem to get the message that their
sessions are less important than the one's the manager's convene.


Kay Vogt

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