An Invitation to a Rejuvenation and Contribution Event!

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An Invitation to a Rejuvenation and Contribution Event!

You are invited to attend a weekend of celebration and rejuvenation! In
this almost free (share costs) event, you get to explore and increase
your capacity to perceive through all your five senses and shape your
perspective of yourself, others and the world!

In case people mentioned to you that you don't listen to people well, or
if you miss opportunities because you don't see what others see, or if
you want to develop your capacity to feel (connected with emotional
intelligence too), may be you should be interested in this event!

According to Upanishads (Indian philosophical documents that describe
various dialogues between sages and their disciples), there is a certain
order to evolution. Five elements come first and from those elements,
nature evolves and then the human being evolves and gets nurtured by the
nature and the five elements! Each of the five elements (Pancha Bhutas
as they are called in Sanskrit) give rise to and are intricately
connected with our five senses. By sharpening our senses, we can sharpen
our experience of the five elements in nature and of course others!

By attending this event, you will
? increase your capacity to listen (and hence be effective in your
? experience what is unsaid in communications and begin to develop a
stronger sense of touch and feel
? enhance your ability to see what is really out there instead of what
you think there is (and effect your ability to see a bigger perspective
and develop a larger vision)
? develop a deeper appreciation of smell and taste so that you can enjoy
what you eat and where you live (and may even be able to control your
? develop new connections and associations between perception and our
memory, emotions and thoughts (thus shaping our perspective of
ourselves, others and the world)

Just to top it off, we will also have a chance to set our goals, visions
and fantasies for the new year and new millennium.

In the same Upanishad (Taittiriya), there is a description of five
sheaths that envelope our soul or Atman. The outer most sheath is our
body (mediated through our perceptions), the second is our life force or
prana, the third is our brain/mind complex or manas, the fourth is our
intellect or buddhi and the subtlest of all is our joy or happiness
(ananda). When we modify our perceptions, we begin to modify the input
that our mind receives and even our experience of ourselves gets

I plan this event to be part experiential and part dialogical and am
open to suggestions! The idea is to rejuvenate and revitalize ourselves!
Details, Details
Time: December 29th 5 pm to December 31st 2 pm
Where:  If the number is small, the Mithya Institute/CPR offices in
Campbell (near San Jose, CA) or other places we will decide and let you
Logistics: RSVP as soon as you know that you can commit the time! Please
invite your family and friends! Probably even teenagers might be able to
What does it cost? Let us share the expenses (may be $50 a head) and
contribute $100 or more to a charity we can identify as a contribution
Contact info: Prasad at or 408/871-0462

You want to know more about the Mithya Institute or Prasad Kaipa. Check
out our website at

Thank you!

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